Peter Gessner is a private detective in San Francisco. Before turning to investigation, Gessner was a university lecturer, taxi cab driver and a prize-winning independent filmmaker. His cases have included capital homicide investigations, clergy sexual abuse, employment discrimination, and police misconduct inquiries. The Big Hello and the Long Goodbye is his first novel.

"The Big Hello and the Long Goodbye has a fascinating and timely premise - what appears to be an honor killing of a sister by her Palestinian brother - written by a real life San Francisco P.I. who knows how things work in the City. A great double whammy!"
—Susan Dunlap, Mystery and Suspense Author

"...painting an awesome and very truthful picture of life on San Francisco's underside."
—Barry "The Fish" Melton, Public Defender of Yolo County and lead guitarist, Country Joe & the Fish

"Drenched in Hammett and Chandler...Gessner makes a stunning debut with his gritty and finely crafted first novel."
—Peter Biskind, author of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls