"If you want to get a feel for what it's like to be a private investigator in San Francisco, read Peter Gessner's novel. It overflows with authentic detail about the streets and the people of the city. The characters are compelling, the story griping and timely."
óJames Calder, author of In a Family Way



Walker, a transplanted New Yorker now eking out a living as a private eye in San Francisco, has a million-dollar view of the Bay with a rent-controlled apartment attached, a new girl friend with an attitude, a supposedly lovelorn Indonesian fighting fish (a present from said girl friend), and two cases he's coming to care too much about. Fifteen-year-old Ali Bakkrat shot and killed his Palestinian-American sister Noor after she refused to quit seeing her Hispanic boy friend. Walker is hired to turn up anything that will help the boy's lawyer mount a defense in this seemingly hopeless case. Electronics entrepreneur David Singleton hires Walker to find his brother Allan, a mentally unstable mathematical genius who's gone missing. What Walker finds, and loses, along the way includes a freelance spy who gives lap dances, a couple of rough cops, a body under a bed, and an unlikely hero.

ISBN (Hardcover): 1-59133-199-4
ISBN (Trade Paperback): 1-59133-200-1

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